The Galt Museum & Archives requires Renters to have commercial general liability insurance. If you already have insurance, please provide a copy of the certificate of insurance. If you don’t, please discuss insurance with the Facility Booking Coordinator.
No post-dated cheques will be accepted by the Galt Museum & Archives for payment for an event.
Decorating: The Galt is first and foremost a Museum and Archives.NOT PERMITTED:


Wild flowers [live flowers are only allowed if they are obtained from a professional florist]
Hanging of decorations, etc. from the ceiling
Attaching decorations to the windows or walls

Arches and other stand alone decorations
CSA approved electric mini lights and other electricity-dependent décor [there are many electric outlets available]
Please note that setting up decorations prior to your event is done as per the schedule agreed upon by you and the Facility Booking Coordinator at the Galt Museum & Archives. Set up for weddings will be done from 8:30 am through 10:00 am.

The Galt Museum & Archives will not be able to provide you with any tools or supplies so please ensure you bring everything you may need.

PLEASE NOTE: An 18-foot Christmas tree will be in place in the Viewing Gallery from the last week of November through January 2.

Food and beverages are not allowed, in any circumstances, in the exhibit area.
Access to the exhibit area is only allowed if proper fees are paid as per the fee schedule. If you require guided tour service, this must be requested with at least 14 days notice so that a guide can be booked.
Parking is allowed in the Museum parking lot on the north side of building.
Entrance doors to the Galt Museum & Archives are not allowed to be propped open at any time during an event.
Personal property is the responsibility of those attending your function, including the unsupervised coat check. The City of Lethbridge shall not be liable for loss or damage to the property of others while such property is in or on City property. A ‘Lost and Found’ is kept at the Museum, so please contact us after the event if anything is missing and we will check for it
Replacement of lost or damaged equipment belonging to the Galt Museum & Archives will be added to the rental bill at full replacement cost.
Equipment belonging to the Galt Museum & Archives is not allowed off the premises.
Internet service There is open public internet available. If you require regular internet service, please note this in your rental contract under Set Up Details on page 2.
The Galt Museum & Archives is a smoke-free building – please ensure your guests smoke in permitted outdoor locations only. Please be advised or reminded that under Provicial Legislation effective January 1, 2008:

SMOKING IS NO LONGER PERMITTED IN PUBLIC PLACES " A public place is all or any part of a building, structure or other enclosed area to which members of the public have access, and " Smoking will not be allowed within five (5) metres of a doorway, window or air intake of a public or workplace “
If you are serving alcohol, please ensure you supply a liquor permit as required by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) regulations. You can obtain more information at and liquor store or at the AGLC website: A copy of your liquor permit will be needed on the day of your booking for our files.
Events are to end by 1:00 a.m. Renters should announce a last call at 12:00 a.m. for liquor sales and have their guests out at 1:00 a.m. Renter then has from 1:00 – 1:30 a.m. to clean up.
You are required to use the correct name of the Galt Museum & Archives: Galt Museum & Archives, as well as the full room/space name on any and all advertising, invitations, and other printed materials for your event: Viewing Gallery, Servus Credit Union Learning Studio, Friends of the Galt Board Room, ATCO Gas Centennial Room. If you require any clarification, please contact our Marketing/Communications Officer, Anine Vonkeman at 403.320-4009 or
The Renter is responsible for clean-up according to the checklist on page 3. Clean-up is to be completed immediately after the event, unless otherwise arranged in advance of the event. All other clean-up functions will be performed by staff of the Galt Museum & Archives. Failure to comply to this checklist will result in the additional charge of $75 per hour. It is the Renter’s responsibility to communicate this with their contracted caterer.
Music: if you play recorded music, a license fee must be paid to the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada. You will be charged for this fee on your rental contract and we will remit this fee to SOCAN on your behalf.
Photography: There is no additional charge for your photographer during your scheduled rental hours.
The Galt Museum & Archives reserves the right to refuse a booking.