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The Galt Museum & Archives collects and preserves information of permanent value to the study of the human history of Lethbridge and southwestern Alberta.

Information is collected from both public and private sources and is available to all researchers.

Visit in person or search online

Please note, browsing through our database is free. Do review our fee schedule if you have specific requests.

The process of capturing and preserving our history is never complete, nor is the history itself “written in stone”. We are always grateful to you for pointing out any errors you may notice. Too often the years go by and the opportunity to make corrections slips away.

Credits Please label your photo or other archival information obtained from the Archives with: courtesy Galt Museum & Archives and include the UID.

Free Public Scanning Service you can bring your negatives, photos, or other personal documents and receive instruction on how to scan them into digital files using our scanners. Please contact the Archives to make an appointment.