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Trader Day at Fort Whoop-Up


Image for Trader Day at Fort Whoop-Up

Fri JUN 15 5–9 pm
Tickets available at Galt Museum store, Whoop-Up store and online
Come and enjoy demonstrations and other surprises during Trader Day in the Fort compound. The fire pit will be burning and tours of the Fort will be available. Get ready to have an old-fashioned good time.

Waterton Wildflowers Bus Tour


Sat JUN 16 8–6 pm
Bus Tour full day adults
$100 (+GST) register by Sat JUN 09

This summer, travel in comfort with our tour partner, Red Arrow Motorcoach. Bring a friend to learn the history of the area from our expert guides, immerse yourself in local stories and meet fascinating characters.

Join us on a great flower-focused tour at the Waterton Wildflowers Festival led by expert guides. Please note that these tours involve moderately strenuous walking on strong slopes, uneven ground, and loose material.

Morning tour by Brenda Holder: Explore the traditional use of fire to heal the land; learn about the appearance of new plants and flowers that offer foods and medicines; hear the stories of the Fire Carriers.

Afternoon tour by Ron McNeil: The "Waterton Front" refers to the area where the prairie meets the mountains. It is an area of majestic views, of rich diversity of habitat and of geological materials. Join soil scientist Ron McNeil and explore the biological and physical diversity near Bellevue Hill. You will learn about wildlife use; about the resilience to stresses such as fire, by some plants; and about park management and plant community restoration in the zone where the prairie abruptly meets the mountains.

Call 403.320-3954 to register. Tour includes transportation, admissions, guided tours, breakfast pastries, lunch and beverages. Nature walks are on unpaved pathways or dirt trails which may be uneven and may include stairs. Participants must be able to stand and walk at a gentle pace for two hours at a time. Please call Erynn at 403.320-4700 to discuss mobility or dietary concerns.