An acoustic ceiling was installed in the Viewing Gallery in 2009. Previously, the space was described by musicians as “lively and loud” and an acoustic or small number of musicians was the preferred sound. Larger ensembles and amplified sounds can now be accommodated.

Audio Equipment

We have a sound system that is compatible with MP3 players. Wireless microphones and microphone stands are available. Audio-Visual Presentations The Viewing Gallery has a built-in screen and hook-ups for audio-visual presentations. A projector is available for rent. Daytime PowerPoint and video presentations are not recommended in the Viewing Gallery as the room is very bright.


There is a cooler available for beverages and food. Food Preparation Food preparation is not permitted at the Galt Museum & Archives – a servery is available for staging.

Ice and freezers

We do not have provision for ice storage – we recommend you bring coolers/tubs. We do not provide ice.

Liquor License

We do not have a liquor license – you must provide your own or have your caterer provide one.

Liquor Storage

Your liquor will be kept in a locked area, if it arrives before you do.


We would be pleased to host your rehearsal in the week prior during Museum hours. Please call our Facility Rental Coordinator to arrange the details.


Professional photographers must pay a $50.00 per hour fee to take pictures inside the Museum. They must leave a business card at the front desk when they come in. There will be no pre-booking and no moving of furniture. If there is facility rental set up in the Viewing Gallery there is no access. There is no fee for outdoor photography. The Galt does not coordinate a schedule for the 1891 red brick hospital wall to the south of the museum - it is a first come, first use basis and anyone can have their pictures taken there.

Set-up Timing

Set-up of your seating plan will take place in the morning of your wedding. You will have access to decorate beginning at 10:00 am. Tablecloths

  • White tablecloths are included in the rental fee of the Servus Credit Union Learning Studio.
  • White tablecloths are provided for Viewing Gallery events for a charge of $4/tablecloth.